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The navigational decision support system NAVDEC is the first navigational tool worldwide that performs information functions as well as those typical of decision support systems.

Its innovative functionalities, significantly extending the performance of devices generally carried by ships, have now a status of patent applications filed at home and internationally.

The competitive position of maritime transport compared to the other transport modes leads to a continuous increase in the carriage of goods by sea, which entails higher traffic intensity, vessel tonnages and speeds. This, in turn, adversely affects the safety of people, ships, cargo and marine environment. To enhance navigational safety, efficiency and competitiveness of transport services in maritime trade, both ships’ and land-based vessel traffic centres’ equipment and systems are constantly being upgraded.

Our system is the first such product on the market. Its complexity will be appreciated on any watercraft equipped with navigation devices. Built-in advanced artificial intelligence algorithms will assist navigators in making decisions at sea. More about NAVDEC

The NAVDEC complements the navigational equipment of the ship. It is a real time system handled by the navigator. The system observes its ship and the environment and records information on the present navigational situation. On this basis the system identifies and assesses the navigational situation (processing) and works out solutions (decisions) assuring safe navigation. For the system to function correctly it has to co-operate with standard equipment and systems installed on board (often used on leisure craft as well) such as: log, gyrocompas, ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids), GNSS (Global Navigational Satellite System), AIS (Automatic Identification System), ENC (Electronic Navigational Chart), sources of current navigational data. Similarly to the ECDIS system (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) the NAVDEC performs information functions – on one screen it presents bathymetric data from an electronic chart, an image of surface situation from a tracking radar, positional information from the AIS and GNSS receivers. Finally, it determines and presents to the navigator movement parameters of targets in vicinity.

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