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The Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications, started its activities on 1 October 2019, taking over the personnel, research/teaching facilities and infrastructure of the previous Institute of Marine Technologies, part of the Faculty of Navigation, as well as first cycle students in the field of Computer Science.

Research and education at the Faculty have been and will be consistently expanded.  The Faculty's major goal is to perform research to world standards and to ensure high quality education for creative and competent graduates, desired by the job market, who successfully meet the industry requirements, particularly IT and ICT sectors.
As the Faculty is developing dynamically, it offers new courses: undergraduate program in the field of information and communication technologies,  master degree  studies in computer science and a postgraduate study program of big data mining.

Students admitted to the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications learn in a friendly atmosphere and can choose to be active in a variety of other areas, such as implementation of innovative projects at the student's Computer Science Research Club, joining any of several sports sections, singing in the MUS Choir or studying abroad under student exchange programmes.
The Faculty's staff  are engaged in research and teaching, and cooperate with IT and shipping sectors, and offer education that is tailored to the rapidly changing external environment.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications includes:

Department of Computer Science,
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications,
The Faculty Education Centre

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